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I2c KERNAL routines


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14 minutes ago, Roughnight said:

I have a completely different idea.
You could write a small program, possibly pack it into a rom bank, which enables remote development.
for example
send the program code from the PC to the X16 and read out the memory and registers as required.

This is certainly a reasonable use of the User port. That's also one of the things I want to support with my Raspberry Pi I/O multiplexer. 

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Just now, Roughnight said:

Ah ok,

either way, it would be a really nice feature! 🙂

It is a good idea, although I don't think we need to make it part of the kernel. Just loading it into RAM somewhere should be good enough, although you'd want to compile it to load into different areas. However, I really wish we had an additional RAM bank up in the ROM space, specifically for loading routines like this. In fact, I'm starting to wish the kernel was just a bootstrap loader, and the OS was completely RAM resident, like with CP/M... but that's another conversation entirely.

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