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New audio upload: Modplayer


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Plays audio files that are stored in Amiga tracker module format.


  • when running via emulator, increase the audio buffers by starting it with:
    x16emu -abufs 32
  • RUN
  • type file name, e.g. "D1.MOD" (you can change or correct it by using the "del" key)
  • press "enter"
  • enjoy!


  • supports standard 4 channel mod files
  • supports mod files with size up to 504 KB or higher depending on CX16 memory configuration
  • user interface shows each channel with tone, instrument number and effect
  • mod file name can be set via keyboard

Known issues and limitations

  • sample rate is set to about 18 kHz, 8 bit, stereo to fix timing issues with channel mixer
  • volume is reduced by half to avoid clipping
  • no finetune for instruments
  • only supported effects are: "slide up/down", "set volume", "pattern break" and "set speed"
  • "set speed" effect doesn't support BPM setting
  • player speed can be slightly off as it is based on 60 Hz vsync signal wheras many mod files are based on 50 Hz PAL signal
  • first 2 letters of song name are missing due to the way how the kernal load routine is implemented
  • no control unit yet


Some sample mod files from different composers are included with this application.
All included mod files were downloaded from  [The Mod Archive](https://modarchive.org) and are licensed under Public Domain or Creative Commons.
The original file names were changed to work around file name problems.

List of included mod files and its original file names:

source: [songerson_-_dog39.mod](https://api.modarchive.org/downloads.php?moduleid=189675#songerson_-_dog39.mod) by [Songerson](https://modarchive.org/member.php?90970) is licensed under [CC BY 3.0](https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/)

source: [musix-retrospective.mod](https://api.modarchive.org/downloads.php?moduleid=65133#musix-retrospective.mod) by [m0d](https://modarchive.org/member.php?69141) is licensed under Public Domain

source: [music-jump.mod](https://api.modarchive.org/downloads.php?moduleid=53213#music-jump.mod) by [m0d](https://modarchive.org/member.php?69141) is licensed under Public Domain

source: [evil_minded.mod](https://api.modarchive.org/downloads.php?moduleid=170000#evil_minded.mod) by [Zilly Mike](https://modarchive.org/member.php?69027) is licensed under [CC BY 3.0](https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/)


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I tried a random mod not included in your distribution and it worked fine!

Not perfect but  that is to be expected (not all things emulated). I would suggest to stop all channels before you repeat a song, because many times a voice play a note at the end, but nothing at start and that carry on and disturb the music till a note appear 🙂

P.S. Is there a way to stop/pause the music? {pressing a key from keyboard would be nice).

Edited by Squall_FF8
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Stopping the channels before repeating a song is a good idea. I will change this in the next release together with the possibility to stop/pause the music.

Indeed more effects have to be implemented as a lot of mods sounds ugly without them.

I'm planning a code clean up and some documentation to put the code on Github so the community can help to improve the player.

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