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Cool "Retro" 2.5 Drive Enclosures


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I just had to share a find on Amazon, in case anyone else happens to like these sorts of things!

I was looking for a 2.5 drive enclosure, nothing fancy, just for some file swaps. I have docking stations, just wanted something smaller. Then I ran across this...



So, I ordered it. Even if it's not the fastest, as long as it works, I will be happy!

The nostalgia is real with this one. haha


I was also looking at this one too, but it's bigger than I wanted. Still may look at it in the future, becasue, NES! Also, RetroFlag makes great cases. I own 4 of their Pi cases now.



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 Wow. Those are pretty great! 

My only complaint is the old fashioned micro USB connector. At this point, there’s no excuse for anything to not be USB C.

Still, I might get one of those for the drive I take back and forth to work. 

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An OLED display would be awesome! Though I suspect it would cost a bit more than $12. lol

I also agree about USB C, if I am not mistaken, it's mainly a cost issue. The older types are just cheaper and they probably have a huge supply on hand.

Would be nice to have 3.1 instead of 3.0, but 5Gbps is plenty fast for this usage.

Overall, I am happy with it. Though I am seriously thinking about printing custom labels for it, something Commodore themed. 😜

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Well, it's fast enough for my needs, and you can see it's not capable of saturating USB 3.0 anyway. The SP S55 SSD that I put in there is not exactly the fastest either, but hey, it gets the job done and looks cool doing it. So far. 😄



Real world numbers:

Large single file transfer from internal HDD, a 1TB WD Black, (62GB image file) speeds.


Hitting it with a lot of small files (from same internal HDD) slows it down of course, it bottomed out at about 50-55MB/s on files in the KB range, while files (like MP3) in the 3-5MB range only dropped to about 80-85MB/s.

If you're doing SSD to SSD, you get much better read speeds obviously. Moving from the enclosure to an internal SSD.


Writes on the other hand seem to be the same, no matter from HDD or SSD, must be a controller limitation or issue. Still, since it's being used more for reads, not a big issue. Will look further into it though, after work. lol



The SSD being used was the OS drive of a server I recently retired. So I deleted the partition, and left 10GB empty because I'm not sure if this drive is over-provisioned internally or not due to it's age. Though it does support TRIM and garbage collection, TRIM does not seem to work over USB anyway. SMART says the drive is fine. So I am honestly not sure why it settles at about 92MB/s on writes. The drive performs a bit over 500MB/s internally, so should not be the drive. The enclosure supports UASP, so ... not sure.

The saving grace, like I said, it it's mainly being used to transfer the same files to multiple system, so much more read than write. Also, most of the files are very small, 2MB or less, and those transfer so fast anyway it's no big deal.

It just bugs me. Time to look into drivers... lol



Last edit (I think... lol):


I tried everything, Windows don't seem to see this enclosure as UASP compatible, at least with viewing it's properties and based on the driver it's using. That being said...

I think whats happening is the "full speed" I am seeing at first is writing to cache, then the slow down is when it starts dumping to the drive. At least, that's what I am going with until some other information presents itself to suggest otherwise. 😛

I'm still happy with the drive, works for my needs, and it would likely be less noticeable using an HDD over an SSD. I just tend to OCD "errors" when I see them, I have to know why and try to fix them, even if it's not really a problem.

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Updating speed info... :)
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