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What's the SD card's minimum and maximum size?



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1 hour ago, rje said:

This has probably been asked.  In fact, I know it has.

What's the minimum SD card size supported by the system?

What's the maximum SD card size supported by the system?

I'm not the authority on what X16 will support obviously, but:

There is SDSC, SDHC, SDXC, & SDUC (Secure Digital [Standard|High|Extended|Ultra] Capacity).

The minimum size of a standard capacity card is not specified. The maximum limits for each are 2 GB, 32 GB, 2 TB, 128 TB. Other than standard capacity, each level of card has a minimum size that must be strictly larger than the previous capacity maximum.

According to Microsoft, the "standard" for FAT 32 is a minimum 32 MB partition. There is nothing physically incompatible between FAT 32 and smaller partitions, but a lot of software won't know what to do with things outside the spec.

I don't know what type card interface exists in the hardware, but it should handle anything that is at least 32 MB (maybe smaller depending on how lenient the drivers are) and the maximum will likely be 2 GB or 32 GB. 2 TB is in theory possible, but the SD standards people say that cards larger than 32 GB use exFAT instead of FAT32. They could probably be reformatted to use FAT32 up to 2 TB or 16 TB (depending on what sector size is encoded in the SD Card) but there are going to be systems that don't know what to do with a > 32 GB card that isn't FAT32.

So ... X16 may have its own limitations, but those are the limits as I understand them from my past life writing hard drive utilities and user mode file system drivers.

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SDHC can still read SDSC. They are electrically compatible. So <= 2 GB is still possible if one happens to have an old one laying around that they wanted to use.

I wonder if you can still buy them, actually?

{time passes at Amazon}

I see a couple 2 GB still hanging around on Amazon.

https://www.hugdiy.com/micro-sd-1mb-p-249 is purportedly a 1 MB card which would clearly not be adequate for FAT32 but at least someone claims to be selling pre SDHC at this point. I only found that one indirectly from Google, though their website also claims to still offer 128 MB SDSC.

I think that older cards would work, but certainly there is no need to buy them anymore.

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