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Today's 8-Bit Guy: a NEW VIC-20!!

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Yeah, great product! I liked it sooo much!
And I agree witb David, it is a correct solution to not include user and cassette port in mass market product since there is no required voltages on board.
But I hope somebody would make a hack or a custom board with these ports using external voltage source.
Also hope somebody would make a VIC chip on FPGA someday...

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I’m of two minds on the 9VAC thing. I think it’s too important to leave out of a reproduction motherboard, but I also don’t entirely disagree with his reasoning. 

as it is, I don’t plan to get one - but I may make that keyboard. That thing is just too cool. 

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Yeah, that "VIC-2020" was very cool, and I would love a "kit" like that to build, would be SO much fun. I would happily track down my own VIC chip.

I am with David as well, I see why he didn't include those specific ports, but also like David said, there are peripherals today that don't need those voltages. I would likely do what he mentioned, and modify it to use the SD adapter. if I was to ever get one.

Overall that just looks like a pure joy to build, and anytime I can solder/build something, I am a happy man. 😆

Now I really want one.... lol

The X16 quick update was nice to see as well. As was seeing the updated version of PETSCII Robots, and the Atari version, so cool! The X16 version is looking amazing! It just keeps getting better!


Edit: I just realized, I am only about 2.5 hours away from where the Vintage Computer Festival Midwest 16 he's talking about, where he will have some boards for sale...

Too bad there is no way I would be able to talk my wife into it. Not for more "stuff" take up space... but if it were available online. 😈

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