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VIC-20 Kit and small X16 Update

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Is a 4th prototype board planned prior to beta testing? That's a lot of up-front cost to sink. I haven't done hobby scale computer design before, but at work we generally get units out for testing by engineers with hardware & OS expertise on the 2nd or 3rd revision. If the 4th X16 board isn't going to involve an architectural change, you might consider getting the 3rd iteration into the hands of hardware and OS savvy folks (i.e. people who have the expertise to flash a new ROM and recover a bricked device) who can debug issues and provide feedback.

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I think he said in the video (and it's already been said elsewhere) that this is the final arcitecture; there may be some bodge wires on this revision, but I believe he ordered something like 20 PCBs. At least that's what it showed in the screen shot that Kevin posted a while back. The minimum order from PCBWay is 5 units, so 20 most likely means that he either has destructive tests planned, or he's planning to build beta units. 

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