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New demo uploaded: Blinkenlights

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A simple file that graphically shows the values of several registers in the X16 which change regularly -- for example, the top of the accumulator stack, and some of the I/O registers.

It's an attempt to replicate the "blinking lights" of systems that used to use big ol' LEDs to represent register contents, alarm bars, and whatnot.

The C source is here: https://github.com/bobbyjim/x16-blinkenlights


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3 hours ago, rje said:

The display looks kind of Tetris-y right now.  I'd like it to look less like Tetris, and more like a bank of LEDs.

Any ideas?


Try the circle character (shift Q), and use bright/dark versions of colors. (You'll probably have to modify the palette a bit.) 



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Posted (edited)

Yep, I was seeing the PDP-8 in my head.  I'll try circles.

I'm also wondering if there's additional semi-useless information that might be nice to see on this kind of eye-candy display.

Maybe I can also draw some nice PETSCII beveled lines to break up the space into logical areas.  Yeah, I'll try that too.



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Posted (edited)

Looking for more useless info to display.  Currently showing:

  • localtime
  • VIA #1 registers ($9f66 and $9f67 don't have any activity)
  • stack ($01d6 thru $01e5).

I suppose I could grab the registers.


Screen Shot 2021-08-17 at 2.39.12 PM.png

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