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New Game Soundtrack: "Chromatic Fantasy"

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I've been a musician for over half my life and a video game player for as long as I can remember, and yet somehow these two interests did not combine until about two years ago, when I agreed to do the soundtrack for an Indie video game. That game (finally) launched today!  It's a difficult (but cute) puzzle game called "Chromatic Fantasy."

The soundtrack (you can listen to it without having to buy it, which is nice) is here on BandCamp.

And, the game itself (so far only for Windows) is here on Steam.

It's not a retro soundtrack at all; so I'm posting it here in the Off-Topic, Non-Retro forum.  If anyone's curious, the soundtrack was composed largely in StaffPad, and some of the native StaffPad sounds ended up in the final mixes combined with a number of sample-based Kontakt instruments.

The game designer and I decided that, since it's the kind of game with a lot of head-scratching and staring at the screen in frustration, the soundtrack should be on the calmer, relaxing side.  He also wanted it to have that medieval/fantasy feel that supports the game's theme (rescuing cute dragons from an evil wizard).  It took me a little to get the feel for writing music in these constraints, but once I got used to it, I ended up producing 18 tracks and over an hour of music.

I hope some folks on here might enjoy the music, the game, or both!


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I genuinely enjoyed that. Great job!

I have always enjoyed video game music tracks, there is a lot of excellent music out there spanning decades of games, and there is always room for more.

This actually reminded me of when I used to listen to MOD tracks all day long back in my Amiga days.

Thanks for sharing it!


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1 hour ago, Squall_FF8 said:

Awesome, thanks! 
I'm curious, were you able to do some music for X16? If so what tools have you used?

I haven't yet, but I am looking forward to it. I was sort of waiting for the audio chipset to be finalized, and sort of waiting for real hardware, but mostly just busy with other life stuff.  I hear there's already a tracker for it - or for the emulator, anyway.  I'm hoping I have time between now and launch to finally get the emulator going and familiarize myself with it.

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