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Hello everyone,

Here's my 3rd experiment on the x16.  It's a 32x32 pixel scroller like you'd see in a demoscene intro.  I wanted to share what I've learned so far in case it might help some other newbie along.

While watching slithymatt's tutorials about VERA I wanted to play around with the layering, tiles and scrolling systems.

Attached is an animated gif, the prg and the source code in KickAssember format, since that's what I'm used to using on the C64 for my cross development.  The best thing about using KickAssembler in my opinion is that is has a strong macro language build in, so the source code loads the png font and converts it to a VERA compatible format... no need to write conversion helpers in other scripting languages.

Hope you enjoy.

p.s. Not sure if this is the best forum to post this?  Is there somewhere more appropriate?

p.p.s. IS the jittering in the emulator avoidable?  I tried a few things but was unable to reduce / remove it?


scroll32.prg src_scroll32.zip

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