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hello from the north of Scotland!


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Hello, my name is Lotts. I'm from sunny Scotland!

About a year ago I fell in love with fixing up ZX spectrums I bought cheap from Ebay and from there the hobby has just kind of grown. I'm not a great ASM coder (or even basic for that matter) but I want to learn and have some fun along the way! when I heard about a new system being developed similar to the C64/VIC-20 with minimal FPGA I thought it sounded to good to be true and wanted to explore it further. Some of the demos people have already released are amazing and I look forward to seeing more, and hopefully one day make some of my own. I wasn't actually born when the C64 (or ZX) was released and my first experience of it was the 30 in 1 TV console that Jeri Ellsworth designed, and I got hooked playing Uridium. My first computer was an Amiga 500, but prefer playing about with 8-bit machines mainly because A) I'm a bit of a noob and I find them easier to understand, and B) If I do break a ZX spectrum or clone machine, its easier to troubleshoot what the issue could be and Amiga parts are expensive now!

anyway, wasn't really sure what to put here so I hope this is sufficient!

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