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Hello from Florida!

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    Hello! I am currently living in Miami, Florida (it's not really like the memes). I like 80's/90's tech and I listen to vaporwave often. I own quite a few old computers and an MKII arcade machine (it somehow found it's way into a dump) that I modded with a chip selector to be able to play games compatible with the JAMMA standard. I have written a lot of demos in BASIC (QBASIC, MMBASIC, etc.). Though they are nothing complicated, they usually are good screen savers. I have written a snow scene demo for QB64 and made a simplified version for the X16 (you can download it on my github page along with an arcade style shooter if you're interested: https://github.com/PQCraft). I am currently working on ESPBASIC which uses the FABGL library and am working on ModernBASIC which is BASIC written in BASIC. You can probably tell I like my BASIC.

(Sorry I didn't do this first, the layout of the site kind of confused me.)

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