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Your Favorite Keyboard?


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To be honest, I have nothing against any of the other switch-types, I like Red, Brown, and Blue so far, but I also haven't used all of them either. Just played with them in stores and such. I tend to default to what I find works for me until something forces me to change.

One thing I do know, like @TomXP411, I prefer the Cherry switches over any others I have tried so far. I also dislike the Razer versions, as they use their own switches, not Cherry. My wife has a BlackWidow Elite board with their version of Green switches and she loves it, but I absolutely hate typing on it. It just feels ... wrong. I can't really explain it.

My first "modern" mechanical board was the Cooler Master CM Storm Trigger (2012'ish), with Cherry Reds, and I fell in love with it. From there I expanded my horizons to Blue and Brown.

I still have that board sitting in my closet. It still works great, I keep it as a spare.


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I've now purchased a Xtrfy K4 TKL with retro colour scheme:


I'll dismantle it and integrate it into a wedge shaped case (in the same grey colour, the filament I have is identical) which then will house my MISTER as well as a Raspberry (switchable).

This should give me the full retro vibes until I'll get the X16p - which I plan to integrate into a very similar case. I'm modelling the case in Blender right now, I'll upload a preview as soon as it's presentable. I have to split it into at least 4 pieces, not sure how well that will look.

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A couple of years ago I did this:


A custom 60 % keyboard. 3D printed plate. Cherry MX Blue switches. Diodes on every switch to prevent ghosting. Matrix hand wired and soldered directly to the switch pins, no PCB. Teensy LC as controller with a simple custom written firmware.

I use it at work. Still works like a charm. My favorite keyboard, but I guess I might be biased 🙂

The host wakeup problem I wrote about in the linked blog post is only an issue on my iMac. It works normally on a sleeping Windows PC.

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