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Found this one on twitter, seemed appropriate to share.
(Original tweet is here: https://twitter.com/C64Reloaded/status/1438602817116254213)



I myself, and maybe many here, have never had a Sinclair Spectrum, but a best friend had, and I did end up sitting behind one many hours.   It was a nice bit of rivalry, when looking back,  between the "Speccy" and the C64.

Always there was the friendly competition, which was best.  C64 was accused of being 'blocky', and the Speccy had 'terrible sound'.  For me it made me want to look into the details why things were as they were. Learn about the different graphics mode on the C64, to "on  up", my friend who had a Spectrum.  So I learned all about bitmap mode vs character mode, sprites, that were not on the Spectrum, the all mighty sid, and the fact that the Spectrum's CPU was much quicker (well in 4Mhz terms anyways), then the C64, 1Mhz. Learned some assembly, and did lots of drawing on the C64 in "Amiga Paint".

So long old chap (Sir Clive Sinclair, RIP 2021)!

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Popular Science mag advertised the Timex/Sinclair in kit form for $69, or $99 assembled.  As a child, I could not afford either so never got any closer to one than seeing them lampooned on Commodore 64 commercials here in the states.

But that guy and his vision and products were public enemy #1 to Jack and Commodore and many of the design and marketing choices were designed to chip away at Sinclair and drive him off the map.

It didn’t work and thankfully, between the BBC Micro, and other legendary machines, many of us got our start on these or successor products, so in a way he is actually royalty.


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I seen this and thought it was fitting as well.


Also, I remember seeing the C5 in some magazine way back when, I can't recall what one, but I just remember thinking how awesome it was and wanting one so badly.



People like Sir Clive Sinclair are the types of people I admire, true visionaries, often ahead of their time, who forever made their mark on the wonderful world of computing. What I often think of as the "golden age" of home computing.

RIP Sir Clive Sinclair!

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