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WHY-MARATA system design


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It’s based on the RCA 1802, and nothing else but RAM, ROM, and TTL chips but will support full 4K HDMI graphics and custom multichannel multitimbral analog sound. 

The circuit board design is all being done with rubylith, since PNGs didn’t exist until the 1990s.

And it doesn’t use EPROMs, it uses a totally blank ROM that is programmed electronically.

I can’t be bothered to take the time to explain these seemingly impossible technical features, arbitrary decisions, and contradictions because I have to keep spending my time explaining how little time I have.

Nor can I explain anything more about the system; I can only refer you to a link I once posted to a video about how rubylith circuit board design works. If you ask me about anything else regarding the system, I will simply assume you are asking about the board layout anyway.

(delete if inappropriate)

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11 hours ago, Scott Robison said:

Yeah, but how much will is cost, and can I make it from mud?

You could try, but sinusoidal depleneration might be excessive, triggering the drawn reciprocation dingalarm with annoying frequency.

You would also require conductive, non-conducive and semi-conductive mud, which is rarely available from the same streambed, so travel costs might offset the savings in material costs.

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12 minutes ago, Scott Robison said:

So I need N channel mud and P channel mud. If I have N channel mud, can't I just talk nice to it and give it positive feedback to change it? Or vice versa? Maybe that would work if I tried it?

Tricky to get that right, as if it works too well, now you have all P channel mud. 🧐

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