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New game uploaded: Brixx


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New version 0.7 😎!

Now there is a title screen with music!

It doesn't play too well in the web emulator, at least with my laptop. It's fine with the native emulator (on Windows 10).

Can anyone try? If it's not playing on the "tryout" web emulator, I'll disable the intro music by default and upload a new version.

I'm pretty pumped that I managed to play music - and to find a royalty free VGM file. Thanks to Meits (www.meits.nl) the composer.


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New version 0.8.

longer title music
This now loads a full music track into banked ram. Now it's even more difficult to get this song out of your head 😉

more variation on sound effects
The ping sound effects when the ball hits a brick is now slightly varied, so it doesn't sound so repetitive :-).

joystick support
on the title screen you can now select the controller. Joystick is emulated by cursor keys, fire button is the enter key. I initially also planned a keyboard option, but left it out because it wasn't reliable and the keyboard pause/repeat got in the way.

more levels
added one and also modified the 2nd one - it just was too boring.

Also added some error handling for missing BIN files etc. Did some bug fixing, too (memory overflow in one place... ups).

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