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CRX (Commodore Retro Expo) about to start Day 3

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Odd that I didn't see anything about this.  Luckily, they are very good at posting replay/YouTube of the live proceedings.

Here is/was the agenda: https://www.crxevent.com/CRX2021_Schedule.html

Here is the live YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM-pwz9yoNIAuIyLs_BG5dw and from here you can access prior days (and last year's vids)

Lots of very cool PET and related [otherwise] Commodore and Retro content posted to Discord; here is some of what has already occurred; people like Jim Drew, Chris Abbott, Radolfo Fernandez, Stefany Allaire, Chuck Hutchins, Chris Zimmerman and others.

  • C64 Keycap campaign
  • Complete tear down, cleaning, and rebuild of the Commodore Datasette Part 1
  • The Little Topic of Sound Chips
  • Setting up a Raspberry Pi Amiga
  • The processes of creation of the C256 Foenix
  • C64 productivity software overview
  • Stupid PET Tricks
  • New Bitfixer products
  • A Kernal ROMance
  • What's new in the Ultimate world!
  • Reconstructing Habitat’s world from backups
  • PET history
  • The Runic Commodore 64

Here is what is in store, starting in moments:



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