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How to use lowercase PET font?


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I'm doing something wrong.

I've got a PET font, and a VIC-20 font, both 2K and apparently representing similar PETSCII sets.

I can load either one into the X16, like this:

cbm_k_load(2, 0x0f800);

So far, so good.

Now when I load them, lowercase is uppercase, and uppercase are those graphic chars.  

I solve that by printing the control code to switch cases:

cbm_k_bsout(14); // to upper+lower case

HOWEVER, what that does is switch the X16 back to its built-in Commodore 64 PETSCII font.  It does not get me the PET PETSCII (or the VIC-20 PETSCII if I use that binary instead).

I'm obviously doing something wrong in a simple way.  Can someone tell me what that is?


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There are a couple of different fonts in ROM bank 6.  Scrolling through it now, I see lower case a starting at C408 for one character set, and lower case a starting at CB08 for a subtly different set. That second one includes a few serifs and features curly braces at CBD8 and CBE8, in the place where square brackets normally go.

So, if you want upper and lower case and curly braces, and a whole bunch of international characters instead of petscii graphics, then copy from C800-CFFF in ROM  bank 6 to 0F800-0FFFF in VRAM. Or just copy the part you probably want most, from CB08-CBF7 to either 0F808-0F8F7 (unshifted characters) or 0FC08-0FCF7 (shifted characters). Those VRAM locations are assuming you're using the default location for the tile data.

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