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Preserving The Past


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One of the tech YT channels I enjoy is Level1Techs, and Wendell just posted a video about a C64 setup he picked up and how he's preserving the past by imaging and uploading the floppies to the Internet Archive.

Basically, it's just a modern tech guy getting nostalgic about a computer that was before his time. So, I figured I would share.



It also makes me wish I had the hardware to do this, I see a LOT of old floppies for various system on sale at local yard sales all the time. While reading IBM disks is easy, and I do have working drives in my basement, that's all I have. This just sounds fun to me.

Do any of you archive like this in your spare time?

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I lack the hardware as well; otherwise, I'd be trolling the yard sales.  I gave my Commodore system to a friend 17 years ago -- and it was a good choice to make.  But I understand the draw of rescuing those old floppies.  A generous hacker digitized the contents of three of my C64 diskettes a decade ago, and I am grateful for his kindness and consideration.


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