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Timers using CC65


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I've started learning how time is measured on the X16.

In particular, I've been playing with clock_gettime() from <time.h>.  It includes a timespec structure that looks like this:

/* Structure for seconds and nanoseconds */
struct timespec {
     time_t tv_sec;  // <-- that's an unsigned long
     long tv_nsec;

I've been fetching the time like this:

struct timespec tp;
clock_gettime(CLOCK_REALTIME, &tp);

And, if I read the results correctly, the response is probably measuring to milliseconds.  I think this, because when I print tv_nsec, there's three digits of precision followed by six zeros.

I also tried shifting tv_nsec right by 10 bits, which results in what APPEARS to be six digits of precision -- but that would imply that the clock can measure microseconds.  And, upon reflection, I doubt it.  I think shifting bits results in a false reading because it's dividing by a non-decimal value.  So, I think the call is measuring to milliseconds.

Assume it's not accurate to THE millisecond, either.  I haven't checked that yet.


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