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best free things to find on the net.


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Free as in free to own and use as you like, not free as in you are the product ( facebook, youtube, etc )

Software : Linux operating system, everything you learn about it can always be useful even decades later because nobody can kill all of linux no matter how they try. In the sequel to the movie Tron, the son finds dads decade(s?) old linux machine which is strangely still powered up with dad trapped inside. He types linux commands into the old machine to get some info. I opened a terminal on my machine and copied each command from the screen, to my delight, they all worked, so over the decades, some things never change, and some things do change.

Software Blender and GIMP : excellent programs to take the time to learn how to use.

Free video to download, copy, distribute as you see fit, it's perfectly legal to do so : Short short movies from helpers who have learnt blender, Sintel, Elephants Dream, Buck Bunny, tears of steel not listed are examples of blender projects where you can download the actual files used in the short movies and play with the animations yourself. Have them act as you would like, or remake or expand on the movie as you tinker and learn on blender.Or you could take up smoking as a way to use up your free time, it's up to you.

Some are other kinds of projects.



Sintel, short story of a girl called Sintel who is searching for her dragon friend Scales.


Three people searching a utopian society in northern Finland  Valkaama



Route 66 -an American Dream is about Three Germans who try to explore the USA.


Sita sings the blues is an 80 minute film based on the Indian Sanskrit epic The Ramayana. Massive movie created by a single person.


Big Buck Bunny is about three critters that get their comeuppance. nice film, download it.


 Elephants Dream is a 10 minutes short movie analogues of the modern world, the generation gap, society...


re_potemkin is a re-build of 1925 silent movie Battleship Potemkin which is public domain now. Produced by 100 Uni students.



La chute dune plume is a French-speaking  stop motion movie.



A 20-minutes documentary about TINA festival in Australia. Filmed in 2002, This is one of the oldest open source documentaries that I could find. 


Boy who never slept about a writer



Jathias Wager , the first Sci-Fi open source movie.

“Stray Cinema is an open source film. It is an experiment that combines filmmaking with online information sharing.”

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Cosmos Laundromat is a very nice short movie. Also you should download Caminandes, which is totally cool and free, and  Glass Half is awesome too.

I look forward to seeing The Daily Dweebs and hero, I have seen agent 327 which is nice but short. These are nice example clips to pop into video folders that would otherwise be empty on distributions of operating systems.

HAK5 is an ongoing weekly? show on the internet covering everything hacking and techno, it's been in business for decades, you can download, copy, distribute as you please for free.


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Free audiobook project for podcasts to listen to in the car can be found on libravox if you type the title into the browser carefully and correctly, otherwise Amazon jacks your browser and divertes you to a data and personal information credit card number collecting page with just two audiobooks as the cheese in the trap. Libravox looks like a forum like this website, the bait site looks like a give me all Ur stuffz site. Take care. On the actual site, there are nice audiobooks and here is a sample that I think is nice enough, but the quality varies quite a bit on there.

Here is a link if you like that reader's voice and want more. 

This is the front door.

This is the hijack site. Careful how you type. I've seen and read how many of the readers who volunteer and read the books on the real site are disappointed to find their work out on sale by amazon. Technically it is legal however, it disappoints many.

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On 10/18/2021 at 2:53 AM, Oldrooster said:

More blender short films, SPRING, NextGen, Coffee run, Circle, Alike.

Seems like someone is wanting names of short film projects that will get lost in a search engine.

It's funny, Isaac Asimov wrote about that problem in his Foundation series, decades before the Internet. In his story there was a database containing the entire history and knowledgebase of humanity, compiled over hundreds of thousands of years. In order to find anything useful within it, people had to study complex algorithms, psychology, and history at university for several years, if not decades. After only three decades the signal to noise ratio of our database is astonishingly poor, so yeah, I could see it being nigh impossible to use after a few thousands years.

"what is toilet paper"

- Toiletpaper, the surname of a family dynasty who ruled over the Americas from 2314 to 2786.

- Toilet paper, the leading cause of tooth decay in the late 3100s century, so named for manner in which a fungal infection caused patients to talk incessantly until their mind literally ran out of things to say.


Yeah, now our database has that nugget of chaff in too. You're welcome! 😆

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On 10/18/2021 at 7:10 PM, Tatwi said:

now our database has that nugget of chaff in too. You're welcome!

and thank you. I always thought toilet paper was a symptom of covid in 5 eyes countries. The rest of the world can't be bought so easily they know they won't run out of water. (for bidets and such). You learn something new everyday.

I'm reminded of someone who complains that they hate their work. They go on about how "all day long I have to put up with people complaining they're sick" and how much they just hate that. I'm like "well isn't it a good thing you applied for a job as a receptionist at a medical center.

Free eBooks | Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg offers a vibrant and growing collection of the world's great literature. Read, enjoy, and share! No fee or registration! Everything from Project Gutenberg is gratis, libre, and completely without cost to readers. 
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