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Planning for an FM workshop - feedback requested


Questions for an upcoming FM workshop I'm planning to run:  

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  1. 1. What time would be most convenient? (U.S. times)

    • Weekday evenings
    • Saturday mid-day
    • Saturday evening
    • Sunday mid-day
    • Sunday evening
    • I think I'll just watch the archived stream later
  2. 2. What aspects of the YM2151 are you interested in learning about? (check all that apply)

    • Just getting sound out of the thing at all
    • Patch / Instrument design
    • How to stream music sequence data to the chip
    • What tools to use to make sounds and music for the YM2151
    • How to write a player routine that runs in the background
    • Deep technical dive down the rabbit hole - how the registers work - timing issues, etc...
    • How FM synthesis works
    • I'm not interested in using or understanding the YM2151
  3. 3. Which aspects of a stream would be more important/interesting to you? (choose 2)

    • Pre-scripted presentation and overview
    • Ad-hoc interactive discussion (voice / text chat)
    • Pre-shared resources for following along (scripts, apps, example programs)
    • Informational slides such as register lists, code snippets, etc
    • Going over code snippets to learn what makes them tick
    • How to get data out of other tools into the X16 (FM tunes or otherwise)

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I've been telling myself for a while now that I'm going to run an FM workshop for the Commander X16. I think the YM2151 has a bit of a bad rep as being "hard to work with" that just isn't deserved. Yes, there's a lot to know to get the full power of the chip to work for you, but it's really not that hard to make it play music if you take the instrument design out of the picture by using existing instrument files. I'd like to help people become more familiar with the YM2151 at least to the point where they feel like they can use it to make basic sounds for use in their programs.

My thinking is that I would like to start off with a scripted presentation with a basic overview and work our way down the iceberg so that folks interested in the basics can get what they need right away. Then stick around for geeking out on the deeper aspects of the YM such as how the registers work, and how to design instruments in tools such as Deflemask and actually import them to the X16 for use with your own music format. There's a lot of ways to go with this, and obviously not enough time to cover everything. Plus, I'm not a musical expert by any stretch, so don't expect to watch me compose a chip tune in real time or anything like that.

I mostly just want to share the knowledge I've amassed about this chip over the past 2 years of geeking out over it, and hopefully inspire others to love the FM the way I do.

I'd be planning for some time mid-November if the interest is there, as I want to get some practice with the streaming tools and swapping between windows and talking and such w/o too much dead air or "ummms" and "uhhhhs"

Does this even interest you folks out there?

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