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Halloween Steam Sale, any suggestions?


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If you didn't know, its the weekend of the Halloween Steam sale so lock up your wallets if you're opening a bottle of wine..!

Is there anything there that people recommend? Especially X16 Dev related software? (Steam do more than games!)

Personally I'm going to pick up Pro Motion NG which is half price. It's the spiritual modern day successor to DPaint. I've been using it and can recommend for the types of projects people here may be doing. For example it has a tile manager and supports 4 bit colours. 



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@Yazwho That's a pretty awesome tool for pixel art. I'd never heard of it before. Been using GIMP for at least 15 years, because it was free and included in Linux distros. Looking back, I wish I had bought and learned something like Pro Motion NG.

Along those lines, I was window shopping for laptops on the Lenovo Canada site and I found that they actually offer a really good discount on the basic Adobe suite (Adobe Photoshop Elements & Premiere Elements 2021 Bundle). Their $140 CAD is the cheapest legitimate price I have seen, though you do have buy a computer to get it. Still, Dell and HP aren't offering this discount, from what I have seen. I'll pull the trigger on this software if I get a new computer, because GIMP for photos and basically nothing good for Windows or Linux since Windows Movie Maker for Windows 7 has worn me thin. (Openshot is crashy, slow, and did I mention it's crashy? KDEnlive is not for me. The rest are either too complex or too constrained for my basic home video needs - I don't actually like editing videos).

Steam sale wise, here are my top 5 game reccomendations:

  • Terraria -50% *
  • No Man's Sky -50% *
  • Hollow Knight -50% 
  • Stellaris - 75%
  • Stardew Valley -25% *

* = Games I own

Far as software goes, I read good things about RPG Maker over the years and RPG Maker MV is on sale for 75% off. At $23 CAD that does put it in the "I won't really feel bad if I never end up using this for anything" category. It looks like a fairly straightforward way to bring one's thoughts to life in RPG form (way easier than Unity, Godot, PyGame, Love2D, and the various JavaScript frameworks like Phaser or PIXI). I've considered buying it a few times, but ultimately I am not super interested in 2D RPGs so I've always skipped it. Though, like the Adobe software and the pixel art program, this is one of those programs I kinda wish I did actually buy years ago, because I probably would have had fun with it / made use of it and been decent at using it by now. Their 2003 version is on sale for a whole $2.19 CAD. That's less than a McDonalds hamburger and would probably last longer too...

Thems be my thoughts!

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On 10/28/2021 at 3:30 PM, desertfish said:

For games, may I suggest you head over to GoG too they have a Halloween Sale going on as well.  They're selling lots of retro (and new!) games but DRM free.


I second GOG! I'm not really a fan of Steam and the games I own are from GOG (though I do own NMS on both platforms).

The other three games I have on Steam are Dirt, Black Mesa, and Valhiem. All three have their good and bad points, but I can't recommend any of them when I can't even be arsed to have them installed.

Also, Epic Games gives away a free game every week. Some of them are pretty good.

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I picked up Elvira Mistress of the Dark,  Elvira Jaws of Cerberus, and Graveyard Keeper 😆   on GoG  for just a few bucks

I played both elvira games back in the days on my Amiga, I wonder how they hold up today....

As for non-gaming software (which was the original question):  as I said above I keep forgetting Steam also sells those. But I also never pay attention to them.
(I have very few applications that I ever purchased personally. I mostly use free and/or open-source things. Even my development environment of choice -IntelliJ IDEA suite- is on a free license from them, very nice)

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