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New graphics upload: 2bpp Character Fonts

G David T

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2bpp Character Fonts

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MAKE4COLORFONT reads whatever data is currently stored from $0F800 to $0FFFF of Video Memory and converts it into two different 2bpp fonts.  One is a two tone font that will be legible in 2bpp mode, with color 3 used as the main font color while the other is a four tone font reminiscent of multi-color text mode on the Commodore 64.  This has been coded in BASIC, primarily because I cannot figure out how the save command works in the monitor, and don't think I have the patience to code such a thing from there.

The remaining files contained herein are fonts created by running this program with the default fonts, the two U files being the upper case font and the two L files being the lower case fonts. The remainder of the names of these files specify which font is contained within the file.


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