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New Twitter Bot: @x16bot


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Introducing the new X16 Twitter Bot: send it a program on Twitter (if you have an account) and it will run it! See by yourself:

Okay, that was kind of a boring example, but you get it. Once you mention it on Twitter (the messsage must begin with a line number), the bot will take your message, run it in the emulator for 33 seconds, leverage its GIF-making feature and reply to your message with the last 3 seconds of execution. The bot also support binary PRG programs (tutorial coming soon, uses base2048 if you can figure it out, experimental). So in short, it works very similarly as other bots such as @bbcmicrobot or @auto_tweetcart.

Very useful to share cool snippets on Twitter, or for practicing yourself at code golf. I kinda want to build a community on Twitter around it as well, so why not? It's also gonna unofficially post the interesting news for those who don't have Facebook.

So yeah, try it out and have fun! Note that the same rules apply as here.

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36 minutes ago, Perifractic said:

"Remember, remember the 5th of November; the gunpowder treason & plot".

I can think of no reason the gunpowder treason... could possibly have worked after sending a letter to a member of Parliament, Catholic or no, and seriously what's with that alias? "John Johnson"? I mean, there have been some pretty comical attempts at regicide and revolution throughout history, and this is easily one of the best of those worst. (Though my favorite is probably the unknown number of attempts to poison the Pontic King Mithridates VI, which ultimately ended with Mithridates even attempting to poison himself... and still failing.)

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7 hours ago, Perifractic said:

Yep it's literally called fireworks night. "Remember, remember the 5th of November; the gunpowder treason & plot".

I see no reason, why gunpowder, treason, should ever be forgot!  Gotta love fireworks night, although it can be bloomin cold!

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