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lda #(^VRAM_addr + 2) ?




I'm trying to port some code to C and I've got most of it working.

But I don't understand the (^ADDRESS + 2) syntax. What does it do? and what would it be in C?

The code where it's used is for the address and bank.

If I just use  cbm_k_load(2, address);  it doesn't work.

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On 12/27/2021 at 3:29 PM, JimmyDansbo said:

I would think that it should be cbm_k_load((address+2)>>16, address)

No, the addition must be done last.  It's used to move past numbers that Commodore already used to control Kernal's LOAD behavior:

  • 0 -> normal load
  • 1 -> normal verify
  • 2 -> VRAM address high bit (0)
  • 3 -> VRAM address high bit (1)
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