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Bill Mensch — Genesis and Evolution of the 6502 Family


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The same Stephen Edwards (Columbia University Professor) also interviewed Bill at VCF East this past Autumn in New Jersey.  Watch both, and also, Stephen has some lectures about Nintendo and Sprites, and a few very well produced videos about the Apple II that are good to add to your list to watch later.

Bill attended VCF with his wife and they were both super-nice. I spoke with him for some time, he’s got tons of stories about the old days and the older (Motorola) days.  Even autographed this for me:


Of course he knew Chuck Peddle well.  The rest is history and in no small way the reason why we congregate on this forum.

if you are interested in ‘modern’ WDC products, have a look for the “Mensch” board which you can buy on Amazon.  Amazing that a single board dev system is available for such little money considering the competition. It’s not ARM or Pi or Arduino, they are all cool too, but if it were not for MOS (and in some way, Jack), this tech would not be as accessible as it became.

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