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The Commodore 800XL / Atari 64 / Comtari

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Just yesterday, I watched 8 Bit Show-And-Tell's video on the "Atari 64".

It's a demo of tweaked KERNAL + BASIC ROM images that were adjusted to load into and run on the Atari 800XL and 1200XL.  The ROM images essentially turned this Atari 800XL into a new type of Commodore 8-bit machine. 

The hardware is all Atari, so it's NOT a Commodore 64.  

There's no I/O, so you can't load or save.  You can use the keyboard and the non-color screen RAM works, as well as the Atari-style sprites (which are strange to me).  Atari's graphics registers are of course different.


But then, I understand that that's what just about all Commodore machines are like: every model has different hardware, so the compatibility layer is KERNAL + BASIC.  Everything else is completely up for grabs.


So in my mind this is not much different than having Yet Another Commodore 8 Bit Machine.





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