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New demo uploaded: BitPlayer - Jan 2022

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BitPlayer - Jan 2022

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Happy New Year all! Given the site is a bit slow, I thought I'd show off the latest version of my player.

The biggest change in the latest version is that the commands now have 2 bytes of variable space to store their state, hopefully leading to some more interesting effects. You can hear an example with the 'warbling' on the track included. It's not vibrato by any stretch, but adds a little something. Hopefully you can hear the difference to the previous version here and agree its an improvement! (I am by no means a musician, so your mileage on that may vary!)

The 'tracker', BitPlayer, that I'm using and developing is still relatively basic in terms of its UI, but is slowly but surely maturing. This uploaded .prg file is what is produced when the X16 emulator is launched from the tracker. It's all hosted on Gitlab here. The .json file attached is the 'mod'.

There are of course a fair few things to do, the list is something like this:

  1. PCM support
  2. Change the output to my own new templating engine instead of ca65
  3. YM2151 support (X8 depending)
  4. Change the sound engine to use a common engine with the emulator that better represents the X16 - Probably by embedding a emulator directly into the application

The new templating engine removes all the typical restrictions that 'macro assemblers' can have. It's written in c# and is currently based on the Razor engine. As such it's easy to embed within an application like BitPlayer to produce 65c02 asm. The engine and the compiler have a little way to go, but if you're interested there is more information here.

The track was originally by Archyx and can be found here.



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