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Greetings from Minneapolis


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As a childhood user of the C64, my greatest accomplishment was beating all the levels of Jumpman. I've always wished I had taken more time to learn some assembly code, and that's my main reason for being excited about this project. I am definitely in the DIY, assemble my own kit without a case, phase one group, and I am eagerly awaiting the day when I can say 'Shut up and take my money.'  :)

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There are many good leads for learning assembly here while waiting for the first phase to ship. Also consider other higher level languages that are available.

As for Jumpman, I'm unaware of any options yet for the x16. There are some other great games on the X16 now that you might like.

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Welcome to the forums @CTroyer

I also played many hours of Jumpman on the C64, but alas, I never did as well as you. I've completed the first set of missions many times, but never the second or third. So you're a better Jumpman player than me!  


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