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Graphics commands making sound ?





I was running a small example "program" from the manual, just now, in the emulator.

The program is supposed to show of the graphics command FRAME.

It works all-right, but for some reason or another it also is making strange sounds.


Is it my mistake somehow?  Or did I find a bug in the Kernal or Web-Emulator?

The program is:

10 SCREEN$80
20 FORI=1TO20:FRAMERND(1)*320,RND(1)*200,RND(1)*320,RND(1)*200,RND(1)*128:NEXT
30 GOTO20



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On 1/12/2022 at 2:55 PM, Guybrush said:

The framebuffer address range probably overlaps with the address range of the PSG (programmable sound generator) in VERA's address space.

It can, if you aren't careful with your configuration. Also, note that the frame buffer API is indeed a single-buffer, so using that can and will produce a lot of flashing. Once you want to actually do something with bitmap graphics, and you aren't targeting GEOS, you're better off rolling your own drawing implementation.

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