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New community dev tool uploaded: Character Editor

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Character Editor

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This is a character editor written in BASIC. Both layers are being used so all 256 characters in a font can be modified without affecting the program. The start-up of the program is slow due to character rom being written into layer 0 so it can be edited. Also had to clear layer 0 ram. Unable to use Try-In as program requires the the CHAR-EDIT-IF file.  Once the program is loaded you can press L to load the EXAMPLE1 file so see an alternative character tile set.

Download the SD image to use. I've made an assumption about where the required interface data file is located and where the user data files will be.







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I tried to load the program on the R38 emulator and it failed with a "?Device not present error in 41020". I had placed all the files in the same directory that I run the emulator out of.

I then placed it on a SD card image where it ran without issue. Perhaps updating the entry in community downloads to 

The one small bug that I found is when you select save enter some text then delete it the right border character moves left. Its just cosmetic and I think few will encounter it, so I'd rate it as a very low bug to attempt to fix.

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