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I'm msx from Italy


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Hi there, i'm msx (or msx80) from Italy :) I'm interested in retrogaming in general, i've made a bunch of games for Tic80, like Secret Agents or Turns of War. I'm also writing my own fantasy console to write game in Java. I've also built my arcade machine :) 

Beside retrogaming, i've made a couple of Lego related software (Lego is one of my other hobbies): Blueprint, a building instruction generator for LDD and Bluerender, a rendering engine to render LDD models.

I'm interested in developing something for some real retro hardware, i'm looking at CommanderX16 for the quality of the project and the huge community. I'm currently waiting for it to settle down and finalize, i don't have much time and i decided to avoid following the changing specs for now. But i've looked around, i think i'll start developing in Millfork: it looks like a perfect middle ground between assembly and higher level languages and i like what i learned about it so far. The first game i'll do will be something technically simple like Secret Agents, probably.

I'm also interested in electronics and surely interested in connecting the CX16 to the internet somehow :)

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