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Ed Minchau

G'day from Canada, eh?

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Hi I'm Ed Minchau.  I started programming in 1981 on the Apple II and quickly bought myself a Commodore Vic-20.  Due to financial difficulties, I ended up using that Vic20 until 1999 or so.  As a result, I got a lot of practice programming in 6502 assembler.  Oftentimes while I was in school taking FORTRAN77 or Pascal or C courses, I'd write the program first on the Vic in BASIC just to get the logic right and then translate it into whatever language I was studying!


I've been spending the last ten months or so writing an assembly language editor for the Commander X16.  Version 1.0 came out in January,  version 1.1 came out in April, and the new and much bigger and vastly improved version 1.2 is nearly done.  

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