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Hello from Belgium

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Hi all,

I'm a software engineer, retro computer enthusiast, and FPGA hobbyist from Belgium.
I used to be part of the demo scene, first on the C64, then on PC. Both a long time ago.
I've been lurking on the X16 forums for a while and finally found a reason to post. I started an FPGA project using VERA.
I posted it in the Maker forum.
My interests are not limited to VERA. The Commander X16 itself is a great source of inspiration to me and I hope it turns into a real, shipping product in the not-too-distant future.


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I gave a read of your BoxLambda FPGA project. It sounds intriguing and I hope you achieve your goal in designing & developing it.  

As for the X16, I hope that the first ones ship this year. It will be a great post pandemic project.


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