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Hi, my name is Jimmy


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My name is Jimmy Dansbo, I am from Denmark and my first experience with 6502 assembler is the Commander X16. As a kid we had an Amstrad CPC 464 and later a Commodore 64.

I dabbled a bit in writing BASIC programs, but at the time I had no help and could not read english so it was an uphill battle, that I lost 😉

While my brother continued on to Amiga, I skipped to the PC with an old Olivietti computer with an 8086 CPU running DOS 3.3.

On the PC, I continued writing BASIC programs in GW-Basic, but quickly moved to Poly-Pascal in order to be able to compile my programs. For years I continued with Pascal programming, through Turbo- & Borland Pascal, all the way to Delphi on Windows.

During my education I received training in C/C++ programming  as well as Assembler programming for x86.

As most of my programming projects are purely hobby, I usually choose the language I know best that suits the task at hand. For web-projects, I go for PHP. In Windows it is usually C#, on Linux I can usually get by with Bash scripts, but have tried my hand at both perl, python and C for linux.

A few years back I kind of tired of all these high-level languages and decided I wanted to understand what actually goes on underneath so I started reading up on computer architecture and actually designed my own CPU. This led me back to Assembler programming. First for my own CPU, then back to x86 assembler for DOS and now 6502 assembler for CX16.

It is a continuing journey, but one that I am glad to be on.

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cool you had the same start as me. my parents bought me a cpc464 in mid80's and i was always the "strager" that couldnt swap games at school because everybody else had c64's 😄 

but it also helped me to get more into computers, running cp/m and used the pascal and c compiler for the z80.

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