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Aloevera - Asset Pipeline for the X16

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A bit late to the party, glad to see the forums live!

So I hope this is the official post advertising Aloevera! Marketing spiel follows:

Aloevera is a command-line tool that facilitates the development of graphical assets for use with the Commander X16.

In a nutshell, Aloevera transforms images created with modern editors into formats that can be directly imported into your X16 development project. It aims to be a simple, easily integrated tool that:

  • Outputs resources in a variety of formats ready to include or import into your X16 project, including:
    • CA65-Compatible Assembly Statements (Which should also work in any assembler that supports a .BYTE statement)
    • CC65 Header files
    • BASIC DATA Statements
    • .BIN Files (for use with the VLOAD Command)
  • Assists your resource creation pipeline by validating your input data and ensuring that your source images match the format expected by your target VERA layer mode.
  • Provides helpful information to help you fix problems when your image data cannot be translated into the format expected by VERA
  • Gives you complete control of how and where assets are exported, allowing you to build a shippable 'Release' image
  • Integrates into your preferred build system or development process as a simple command-line tool with minimal overhead.
  • Supports all VERA modes and types, including:
    • Text
    • Tilesets
    • Tilemaps
    • Sprites
    • Bitmaps


There's also a usage guide that I hope serves as a half-decent introduction to VERA coding:


Thanks everyone! I hope Aloevera can become the go-to tool for X16 projects. And if you're at all interested, I'm always looking for people to help with the effort. PRs very welcome!


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