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New game uploaded: X16&C64 Keywords & Abbreviations Quiz

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X16&C64 Keywords & Abbreviations Quiz

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This game quizzes the player about the abbreviations for the Commander X16 BASIC v2 keywords. If you know these abbreviations you can code BASIC for X16 and C64 faster and write more code per line. First the program figures out the keywords and abbreviations for the exact release of the ROM. Then you are offered the quiz. The quiz is timed and the errors are counted. If you give the wrong answer you get that question again directly.

C64 mode: You can stop the program by pressing the Esc key before the quiz, then type SCREEN 255:RUN 64 and press Enter to only be quizzed for C64 keywords. 

The game X16&C64 Keywords&Abbreviations is tested with R38 (Try it now) and R41, but may work with later releases. The program is FOSS (license GPLv3) and the source is included in the zip-file, but is also on GitHub: https://github.com/mobluse/chargen-maker

Command line:
x16emu -bas KEYWORDSABBR.BAS -run -echo
By using -echo you can copy the generated program and load it in x16emu and check that the abbreviations really expand correctly.


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