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cc65 Newbie Questions / Mistakes



Getting "Hello World" to work using cl65 requires knowledge buried in the docs somewhere.

It compiles.  I load it and invoke with a "sys $a200".  I'm obviously missing something.  
OH!  Do I need to worry about BANK ZERO?
=> Answered my own question: yes, but that's not the problem, it still doesn't run.

; cl65 -o saludo.prg -t cx16 -C cx16-asm.cfg saludo.

chrout          = $ffd2
                .org    $A200
                .export LOADADDR = *

Main:           ldx #0

loop:           lda hello,x
                jsr chrout

                cpx #<(hellodone-hello)
                bcc loop

exit:           rts

hello:         .byte "--- HOLA MUNDO! ---"
hellodone:      .byte 0

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If you add this at the beginning:


.org $080D

.segment "STARTUP"

.segment "INIT"

.segment "ONCE"

.segment "CODE"


Then you can just do a regular LOAD and RUN from BASIC, no SYS call required.

After that, you need to add an inx so that you are incrementing the X register, then use bne or bmi instead of bcc for your looping branch. Also, you should count on CHROUT modifying X, so you should flank that jsr with phx and plx.

If you really do want the program in banked RAM, it gets a little trickier. You need to make sure the RAM bank register is set to something other than zero before writing to $A200, or you'll blow away the Kernal state. Generally, it's best to keep code in main RAM, and save banked RAM for data. 38k is a lot of space for code on the X16!

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Thanks for that, Matt.  I also realized, just now, that I was not loading the program correctly.  So even if I set the bank correctly, if it ain’t loaded there, ain’t gonna be where I think it is.

Now about putting ML in main RAM... I figure Furball Space Program will have a lot of BASIC as well.  So I have to make sure ML doesn’t stomp on it, or vice versa.


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