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Hi from QC, Canada!

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My first real computer (not counting pocket PCs) was a C64 so I feel right at home with the X16. I started with a C64 and a cassette unit, playing ping-pong with friends while games loaded. Then I got a 1541 because it was essential for programming (and games, too!).


You never forget your first computer and I really regret having sold my C64 and C128 a long while ago. I still have my Amiga 2000 that I remember buying with money I got from some C64 programs that were published in Compute’s Gazette. What an unforgettable memory to buy a magazine in the newsstand and see your name in it!


I’m now a computer tech and I started by helping others in the local C64 club then I got into a self employed computer tech, making calls for the then emerging market of PCs users. Self employment is very taxing and after 10 years of it I decided to work for a local computer shop instead, with regular work shifts and free time in the weekends. I now work as a computer tech, repairing PCs in the only computer store that remains in the small town where I live. Sounds boring but I love my job and repairing came naturally. I don’t have a degree in computing or anything close, having learned it all on the spot. 


Recently, I’ve switched to a Mac and got back at programming with Xcode. Programming is so different now, I have some difficulties remaining interested in it with all the constantly evolving frameworks you must learn. This is why a project like the Commander X16 has got my attention: programming could be fun again with its immediate interaction, like on the C64. I miss having total control of the machine, with nothing between you and the hardware.

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Welcome Lodovik.  Xcode is worlds away from the Commodore, isn't it?  And yes, you're right: that "immediate mode" on these KERNAL machines, and the complete control over the hardware, is refreshing sometimes.


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