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New game uploaded: Crazy Tetrominoes

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It does work in the web emulator if you copy and paste the BASIC source into the code panel.

Though, I did notice that if you hit the spacebar to speed up the fall, it gets "stuck" in fall mode for a few pieces even after you release the spacebar. I haven't tried in on the regular emulator yet to see if the same behavior exists there. But otherwise, it looks and works great on the web! Even the PSG sound effects come through clear.

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Thanks for the help guys. I was totally oblivious of the discussion going on here. I did notice yesterday that Try It button was not there and saw it is there now and working perfectly but had no idea what was happening in the background 🙂

Of course I uploaded it late yesterday and today I was totally under water with work so that is my excuse.

Next time I will make sure to upload BASIC encoded files.



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