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Hi I am Christoph

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I found out about this awesome new project and Platform via 8-bit guys videos. I would love to see a new "modern" 8-bit computer coming to live and to have one in my Men/Kids Room .. 

I am a child of the 80s area where I owned (or should I better say my parrents got me) a Schneider CPC (Amstrad) with a nice Z80 CPU and a pretty good computer around it. Many of my friends had a C64 and I also nowadays own a C64 breadbin and worked a lot on it (hardware wise). 

I am now into learning 6502 machine language (better said assembler) currently on the 6510 of the C64. However most of it will be reusable - the system calls and all of the C64 will be somehow as well. 

I am in real hope to get away from the poor graphics mode of the C64. It had sprites, yes, but the screen mode is so awkward setup for me. As I said I learned on the CPC and the screen was just a 16k memory area where you could do whatever you want. So memory was just a very simple representation of the lines on the screens. The calculation of lines was very easy and not organized in characters or anything alike. So anyhow does not matter.

Now I will dive into all available details on the X16 and cannot really await when it is getting released as a real hardware platform.

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Welcome Christoph/SerErris.  I hope you find the VERA chip interesting!


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