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Hello from Seattle! (formerly Boston)


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Howdy! I've had a very deep love affair with the Commodore 64 (and later Amigas) since I bought my first one in 1985 from my cousin who upgraded to a 128D. I used my 64 pretty much up until around 1992 when it died. It popped the fuse but not before damage to the components (which I couldn't identify at the time) had occurred, rendering the machine dead. I still have it, and use the keyboard with a Keyrah V2b to use on my C64 Mini, and I have a few donor C64s that I pulled chips from to use in my C64 Reloaded Mk2 alongside the Ultimate 1541 cartridge. I went this route instead of the Ultimate64 since it guaranteed I would be using a 6502 and not an implementation of 6502 in an FPGA. 🙂

I also maintain my Amiga 1200, with fresh Kickstart ROMs installed, WHDLoad/Workbench updates running on a 4GB CF, and USB interface in place of the floppy drive. My Amiga 600 was sold long, long ago.

By day I keep The Internet running, working in Amazon Web Services on a team that manages the automation of provisioning, repair, and retirement of the worldwide fleet of networking routers that literally powers most of your daily internet. Basically, I keep the world running. I wish I could sheer the absolute massive scale, as it's mind boggling, and after 7 years in the role I'm still trying   to wrap my head around it. So at the end of the day, it's really, really nice to "come home" (aka switch computers..sigh) and work on something that I can and do understand, 8-bit computing. 🙂

Thanks to the whole team for bringing the X16 project to life. It really warms my heart to know such a passion exists in this project and similar projects to keep such an iconic era alive.

❤️ Big-ups! ❤️

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