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Is there an assembly API for VLOAD?


Is there an assembly API for the Commander X16 Basic VLOAD function and if so, where is it documented?

Also, where is the Commander X16 VLOAD Basic function documented?  (the Commander X16 Programmer's Reference Guide indicates TODO)

Also, are there plans to support a Commander X16 VSAVE Basic function and assembly API?

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Look at CJLove's libX16:


It is written in C, but you can see what Kernal functions it uses in vload.c and migrate it to assembler. Basically you use the flags in cbm_k_load above 2.

I actually don't know where that is officially documented...

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59 minutes ago, DrKucho said:

I've found this example https://gist.github.com/JimmyDansbo/f955378ee4f1087c2c286fcd6956e223

but it doesn't work , at least on r37, and I dont even understand what is doing on section  "Setup Layer0 for bitmap data" using the vera data port to configure stuff? what did I miss?

The code you referenced is for an older Version of VERA (looks 0.8). The whole register setup as well as were you find Pallette and Sprite information has changed. Where VERA had 16 64k banks it now has only bank 1 and 0. So that code will never work with r37. 

But with the docu from VERA 0.7 or 0.8 you can find out what it does and adapt it pretty quick.

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