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Hello from The Netherlands


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Hello everyone

I'm from the Netherlands and grew up with a Commodore-64 in the 80's that led me on the path of being a professional software designer and developer nowadays.

I have always remained interested in retro computing and what's going on with the C64. I'm following several youtube channels related to this obviously the ones from most of the well-known guys here it seems!

Also I've written several retro-computing related pieces of software including a Boulderdash clone and a simple C64 emulator. The most significant reason for me to sign up here on the forum however, is that I'm also the creator of PROG8: my own cross-compiled programming language for the C64. Over the last months I have been working in my spare time on improving the architecture of the compiler and the performance of the generated 6502 code. There's still much work to be done. However, I finally thought it was time  to see what's going on nowadays with the CommanderX16 and I have decided to get to work to support it in my compiler!  So that is what I will be working on next! 

First things for me I guess  is getting the emulator working, figuring out how the memory map layout is and how to write text to the screen.


I would be very excited if other people  perhaps also will try out my language and compiler. Here's the documentation of PROG8 if you're interested.  The Github project for it contains a bunch of example programs as well.

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