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Hello from São Paulo, Brazil

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I'm Ellery from Brazil and a longtime enthusiast for retrocomputing. In my collection I have: Apple ][+, Apple ][e, Apple ][ GS, Macintosh Plus, PowerMac G4 Quicksilver, PowerBook G4 Titanium, Intellivision, Colecovision, and the venerable Atari 2600 all in working conditions. I also used to have an Amiga 500, IBM XT, IBM AT, SPARCstation 4 and a NeXTstation "Whitebox". I cut my teeth with 6502 programming (BASIC and Assembly) during the 80s (Apple ][+), programming my own EPROMs, patiently going thru countless boot-tracing, and submitting my discoveries to COMPUTIST magazine. Those were the days... I eventually "graduated" to SPARC Assembly and C during college but never forgot my 8-bit days. Everytime I learn a new computer language, I write an Apple ][ emulator. So I have one in C, C++, Java, and Python and I'm currently working on a C# version. During my coding, I always wondered how I could improve the Apple ][, especially graphics, video, and memory capacity (and maybe dual-CPU?) while maintaining the simplicity of the 6502-based architecture. Fast-forward a few years I find this wonderful project! Not only is it what I dreamed of, it actually will be a REAL product. As a true die-hard Apple fanboy, I will admit today: Commodore 64 was superior to the Apple ][. But damn, that 1541 disk drive was pretty sad. Anyways, I look forward to having a Commander X16 soon! (I wouldn't mind a 6502 running at 100MHz or faster!)

P.S. I'll start learning the C64 system ASAP and try to code a flashy demo!

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