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Emulator r38 Released

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On 8/26/2020 at 5:05 PM, TomXP411 said:

Yay! SEQ files work! Now I can really start working on a couple of programs I've been putting on the back burner....



(P.S. Thanks for the code snippet!)

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On 8/29/2020 at 11:34 PM, Diagothecat said:

This happened to me as well. When I read the terminal text it seems to suggest that I need  10.15(I have 10.13) Is this correct?

Well I downloaded r37 and it worked fine. Perhapes there is a bug in r38. If I knew how to find bugs I would look for it lol. 

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12 hours ago, kktos said:

Guys, do you have any plan on when the next release will be out ?

This will be the first place that any updates are announced, check back regularly.  But as a friendly reminder asking for updates is kind of frowned upon, as everybody involved in this is volunteering their time.  These forums are the best source for new information when it becomes available and will be updated first thing as any updates are made.

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Thanks guys. Perifractic warned me. Apologies for not having read the rules.
And don't get me wrong here. I'm more than willing to help, either in the emulator or in the ROM. Under the supervision of Michael, of course.
Have fun, mates 😉

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