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Retro Game Handhelds - Emulators and Mods

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So I have been off gallivanting around the Internet for the past year or so, looking for retro stuff, and I stumbled upon this whole group of stuff that I didn't previously know existed.

  1. You can play retro TV set, arcade, and computer games in the handheld Gameboy/PSP form factor!
  2. There are many newly made handheld game machines, with 2.8" - 6" screens, that are designed to run emulators on Linux or Android. Here's a website that catalogues them: https://www.rghandhelds.com/handheld-specs Totally insane how many there are and how many companies make them!
  3. You can buy new shells, screen upgrades, battery upgrades, and multi-game-carts, for older devices, like the super cool looking Gameboy Advance. Checkout how cool this new GBA chassis with white buttons looks.GBA.JPG.9d3699a43a1abccbcf0cd55c3ada9307.JPG
  4. They make game controllers that mount onto smartphones. Combine an older phone with a mount-on controller and software like RetroArch and you've got a really neat retro handheld retro gaming setup.
  5. The emulators have a ton of screen filters and scaling options that make the beautiful new LCD panels look like larger, clearer CRTs or dot matrix displays, so you're not stuck with the super clean emulator look.



Anyway, it's really amazing how many systems can be emulated using these handhelds. They are a lot of fun! And many of them last for 4+ hours of straight game play before needing a charge.

Personally, I have two of the lesser expensive systems, the Powkiddy Q90 and the Retroid Pocket 2+. They cost me $45 and $145 CAD after shipping, respectively. The Q90 plays up to Gameboy Advance well, while the RP2+ can do SNES, N64, and some Android games, like Minecraft, Stardew Valley, and Fruit Ninja Classic. Being an Android device, the RP2+ has amazing battery life and even leaving it standby, I only charge it once or twice a week, depending on how often I use it.

Truthfully, I don't play the retro games as much as I thought I would, but I really do enjoy laying in bed playing the original Gameboy version of Tetris on my RP2+, like I used on my original Gameboy back in the ancient times. I also like playing the C64 version of BurgerTime on it.

Here are some helpful links:

https://old.reddit.com/r/SBCGaming/ - Good starting point, with lots of links and chatter

https://main.retro-handhelds.com/ - Helpful blog

https://www.youtube.com/c/RetroGameCorps/videos - Video reviews of many devices and firmware

https://retrogamecorps.com/ - Another helpful blog (Above Youtuber's blog)

I'm not here to sell ya anything, just sharing some joy!


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