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Minor New Change to PCM VERA Audio


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Frank accepted my pull request that implements a feature request from @ZeroByte in which bit 6 of AUDIO_CTRL ($9F3B) will read as 1 if the PCM FIFO is empty. The idea behind this is that if software is waiting for the FIFO to drain to reconfigure the PCM state machine for playback at a different sample rate or sample size, that software can now poll this bit to minimize latency where previously it had to be guessed at.

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Basically, it's the definitive answer to the question "has the previous sound finished playing?" or "am I getting a buffer underflow?" (depending on whether your routine is currently in "playing" state or not)

It was essentially a "free" feature that doesn't break anything by adding it, but allows more options if you want to use it, so why not, eh?

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