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New community dev tool uploaded: cx16_conv: Graphics Conversion Tools


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cx16_conv: Graphics Conversion Tools

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This is a Python package for converting graphics into VERA-formatted data and palettes. From what I could tell, the only other software that could do this is buried in the x16-demos repository.

The package can be installed by downloading it here, or by installing it directly from PyPI (package name cx16_conv).

Information about usage can be found in the GitHub repository, or by running "cx16-conv --help",

Feedback and PRs are welcome!

GitHub Repository: https://github.com/Nitori-/cx16_conv


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What Aloevera cannot do is dithering and optimizing a palette for any given picture with constraints like number of palette entries to use etc. That's something I miss. I use Gimp and Aseprite for this, but they both don't entirely cope with the 4096 color palette of Vera, so the results could be even better...

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Here is an interesting tool I found on Steam which is supposed to be somewhat like "Deluxe Paint".  It looks to have some dithering support.  Noticed this while looking around for graphics related stuffs.

I am not sure how many of these are planned vs currently supported but the dithering seems to be something there already.


  • We don't have a file format - anything created on Swanky Paint can be opened in ANY art software
  • Runs on Linux, Raspberry Pi, Android, Windows & Mac
  • Deluxe Paint shortcuts
  • Escher modes: Hexels, non-Euclidean, strange geometry
  • Bloom shader options
  • Full resolution background image for tracing and referencing
  • Multiple layers support
  • Simple animation frames
  • Spritesheet support
  • GIF and APNG import to frames
  • Supports SVG, GIF, JPG, PNG and APNG import & export
  • Supports Fun64 clipboard conversion to ASCII
  • Dithering options for paletted and true colour images
  • Wrap mode for tiling preview, edit anywhere to update the draw area
  • Ultimate undo remembers your history forever
  • Export your image history as a GIF
  • Supports 15 popular colour palettes like Pico8, DawnBringer, C64, ZXSpectrum, NES, Gameboy, MSX, AppleII, EGA, Swanky32 & more
  • Import custom palettes and presets
  • Support for Lua scripting
  • Support for UV mapping preview on to low poly 3D model
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