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Justin Baldock

Butterfly effect game programming competition?

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There are several game programming competitions around and I was thinking the X16 should have one as well. Something to increase people’s awareness and help future X16 programmers.

So to get the ball rolling I’m starting a Ideas / Wishlist.


Get new content and source code for other people to learn from.

Get the word out there in the hobby/retro programming area about the X16.


Code/art/music/sfx to be open source of some type. Made available from X16 site to help other people learn. But something that allows the original programmer to continue using their code base for commercial use. (I’m not familiar with all the licenses available)

Code created during contest? Maybe not this since we want people to be able to use their existing libraries.

Can be created using any tools.

3 month time limit?

Run on R38 / latest emulator/hardware

Voting Categories

Best Game overall, Best Single Dev, Best Team, Best BASIC, Best C, Best Assembly, Best other language, Best under 18


Bragging rights

I will donate a bottle of wine and post.






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I think just whatever takes peoples fancy. 

But I think it might be important to separate single dev effort vs team effort.

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